Frequently asked questions


Aiming to help global customers enjoy easy and satisfying shopping on, we will promise to you as the following:


14-Day DOA Product Guarantee

When one or more of the items you received from us are damaged, defective or not functioning, this guarantee will protect you. You just need to provide some confirming information for us:

1. The order number and item number 

2. A photo or video to show the issue 

3. A photo or video of the shipping label and the original packaging

We will review your claim and contact you if we need more information. If your request is approved, we will arrange a replacement part or a partial refund of the defective product. We will pay for the defective part through a replacement part or a partial refund of the defective product. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel dissatisfied with the product, our customer team will provide you with a satisfying solution.


Mis-shipped, Lost Items Guarantee

If the items we ship to you are mis-shipped, you can change between partial/full refunds or exchanges (excluding accessories). For lost items, if there is inventory, we will re-ship it to you. Otherwise, you will get a refund. If you need such service, please contact us within 14 days after the delivery date.


60-Day Conditional Return Guarantee

Worried about what to do if you don’t like it the after receiving product? When you are not satisfied with your purchase and if the product is still in brand new condition, we can arrange a refund which will cover the price of the item MINUS the shipping fees.


Cancellation Guarantee

You can cancel the order by yourself if your order has not been paid.

If you need to cancel an order that has been processed but not been shipped, please contact our customer service center as soon as possible.

You can cancel the order and request a refund if the expected shipping date of your order has already passed but it has not been shipped. Under this circumstance, the refund will automatically return to your payment account within 5 business days.


Orders CANNOT be canceled when parcels of the orders have already been shipped-out. If you are not satisfied with your purchase after receiving it, you may refer to the 60-day conditional return guarantee.


Please make sure you have checked our return policy for more details before you return.