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About Us is an international B2C e-commerce platform where you can find a considerable number of high-quality home lighting in all styles at affordable prices. We mainly focus on home lighting. Our targets are countries/regions from all over the world, such as America, Australia, Canada, Italy, Vatican, Venice, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Middle East countries, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, India along with other consumer markets. The business of the company now covers more than 220 countries and regions around the world. All the time we believe that home is not just a sheltering place, but a place that decides the quality of our life. Therefore, we wholeheartedly provide you with the best products and best services to help you build a dream house that you always want in your life.


Our Culture

Guangzhou Ruanpu Trade Co., Ltd is a fast-growing company with broad career opportunities.

We always encourage learning and growth, so we provide exciting work opportunities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We are accepting resumes of opportunity-seekers who are interested in the e-commerce industry. We are committed to creating a younger, global e-commerce platform. We are actively participating in social service processes, assuming social responsibilities, and helping employees grow while the platform develops rapidly.


Our Promise

To ensure that every customer lives in a dream house, we unequivocally promise to offer:

(a) High-Quality Products, as a strategic brand product of the well-known Chinese multinational company Guangzhou Ruanpu Trade Co., Ltd which has got strong supply chain resource integration capabilities, can choose high-quality partners from a large amount of suppliers. The basis for our selection of suppliers is CE and UL certification. We strictly implement the 5 steps of CITST quality control in the production process: check suppliers, check production, test sample quality, spot check products, track after-sales. All products can be ensured to meet consistent quality standards and user requirements.

(b) Affordable Prices

We have got advantage and independence in price, quality, and cost performance of home lighting for users worldwide under the support by Guangzhou Ruanpu Trade Co., Ltd premium supply chains and self-built supplier repository.

(c) Convenient Logistics

We ship our products to almost all countries/regions in the world. Our long-term strategic partners in logistics are UPS, FedEx, and EMS. We also cooperate with DHL, which is well-known in the logistics industry, to ensure that your parcels reach their destination safely and reliably.

(d) Worry-Free Purchase Guarantee

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(e) Professional Customer Service

24hours/7 days online Customer Service

(f) Global Warehouses around the World


Aiming to help global customers enjoy easy and satisfying shopping on, we also promise to do all we can to find exactly what style of lighting fixtures you are looking for.

Why Choose Us

Great Savings

Products are directly provided by our cooperating manufacturers, so we can ensure our competitive price advantage and superior quality. Therefore, we are one of the online lighting fixtures sellers who has the lowest prices, and we are confident to compare with almost all high-priced lighting fixtures of the same type. Moreover, we have high discounts, and may sometimes be 60% lower than the catalog price. All our products are exempt from sales tax.


Fast Processing & Shipping

After confirming your payment, our staff will begin processing your order at their fastest speed. We will check if anything may be delayed and contact our factory to prepare for your lamp customization within the shortest time. We cooperate with world-class shipping companies (such as DHL) to ensure timing and safe delivery. Once your order is completed and fully inspected, it will be shipped to your destination. We ship to nearly all countries and regions around the world.


Huge Selections

Through cooperation with a large number of well-known manufacturers who will continuously provide us with the newest and most fashionable styles. We have a wide range of products and first-class quality. Customers can find thousands of high-quality products at the lowest prices on our website. In addition, we have the ability to provide more than 10,000 different types of lighting fixtures for your house.


Excellent Customer Service

Live professional customer service team 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. For any problems before and after you buy, do not hesitate to contact us.


Easy & Secure Shopping Experience is determined to provide you easy & secure shopping!

We create the Privacy Policy which is highly respected by us to protect our customers, click here to view.